I have tried various pillows so far. The various pillows I tried,
It was effective to some extent. However, I really wanted something suitable for myself
I could not find it.

I found this pillow by chance. “Neck Pillow of Neck Hunt Tribe”
Although it is a suspicious name, as a main feature, when I slept my neck
The height of the supporting part is high. Never tried it
I felt it was a pillow, I was wondering if it was effective, but I bought it.

As a result, it shows outstanding effect. Apparently due to the body’s posture,
It seems that tiredness has accumulated behind the neck. The portion behind the neck is high,
I was worried that the part to put on my head was a bit low,
It was frustrating when I put it on.
Now I can sleep well thanks to this pillow.

The pillow we have purchased up to now is something close to 10,000 yen, and inside
There was also a thing of 25,000 yen, but it is available at 6,480 yen
I think this pillow is really cost effective.

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